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Our website has moved! You can now find all the information about our products and contact details on our new website: https://pandapaperroll.com/.

Our Products


We offer a comprehensive selection of paper rolls, ideal for cash registers, thermal printers, ATMs, and medical applications.

Thermal Paper Rolls

Our thermal paper rolls come in various sizes, the popular sizes are 80mm x 80mm and 57mm x 40mm.


Self-adhesive Labels

We can offer both direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels for your labeling needs.

Custom Printing Paper

We can print your brand, logo and other information on the thermal paper and label products.

3ply Paper Rolls

2-ply & 3-ply Paper Rolls

We offer single ply, 2 ply, and 3 ply paper rolls used for impact printers with ribbons. The sizes can be 76 x 70mm and 76 x 76mm.

ATM paper rolls

ATM Paper Rolls

We offer various ATM paper rolls, both blank and printed, for ATM machine’s print needs. The sizes are 80x150mm, 80x180mm, etc.

Ultrasound Print Paper

We can supply both ultrasound thermal paper and ECG paper for medical printing. Both can print high-quality images.

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